Fabulous Banana Bread Comes in Handy for the Holidays

Bananas are a Southern baking favorite. They contribute great flavor and moist texture to quick bread loaves, muffins, cakes, pancakes and other baked goods. Banana breads and desserts appeal to thrifty Southern cooks as overly ripe bananas are perfect for baking.

Although made throughout the year, banana bread loaves are especially popular during the holidays. It is a good idea to bake up a few loaves and stash in the freezer, because they will certainly come in handy in several ways. When I picture my mother’s banana bread, I always picture it wrapped in crumpled foil from continuous wrapping and unwrapping to have a little bite. It’s one of the many foods that tastes even better a day or two after baking.

Baked in large or small loaf pans, banana bread is a perfect little gift for neighbors and friends and comes in handy for unexpected guests. This bread is perfect to serve with a cup of coffee or tea. Don’t forget about little sandwiches on hand to add to your holiday buffet.

I never pass up the opportunity to recommend Aunt Lois’ Banana Nut Bread. This delicious recipe was shared with us many years ago by a friend and former coworker in the Martha White® Kitchen. It’s easy and absolutely delicious.

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