Breakfast for Supper

As a child, I can remember my mother cooking and serving what we called breakfast, dinner and supper. Dinner was the big meal served in the middle of the day. Suppers were simple and sometimes consisted of leftovers from dinner and a skillet of cornbread. In the summer we might have BLT’s or soup in the winter.

If there was nothing else to fall back on, she would cook breakfast items to be served for supper. Fresh hot biscuits, scrambled eggs and grits – pretty much anything she had on hand. We loved this meal! To me, breakfast at night just tastes especially delicious.

I think most people like breakfast food, but with busy schedules, we often don’t have time in the morning to eat a traditional breakfast. If you’ve never served your family breakfast for supper, give it a try.

Of course, there are all kinds of options.  Pancakes and waffles are more common than biscuits and eggs for supper, but they are certainly a great option. To make it quick and easy, try this recipe for Fruit Muffin Mix Pancakes. Let the kids pick the flavor; add milk and egg. You’re ready to cook!


If want to go the biscuit route, there’s a shortcut for those, too. Drop biscuits are easy to make and delicious. Whip up this Martha White® “Hot Rize” Biscuit recipe, using an additional 2 tablespoons milk.  Drop dough by spoonsful onto to a baking pan and bake according to directions.

What’s your favorite breakfast for supper food?


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