Fun for Kids – Little Breakfast Pizzas

Notoriously picky eaters, kids can sometimes be overwhelmed by too much food. One trick that seems to work is to make smaller versions. Mini muffins, silver dollar pancakes, sandwiches cut into small squares or triangles – just to name a few.

As a young child, I remember my elementary school class taking a field trip to a local bakery. I don’t remember much about the bakery itself, but I do remember they gave each of us a little loaf of standard white bread. I loved that little loaf of bread! What is it about miniature versions of regular foods that appeal to kids? I don’t know, but to this day I remember that little loaf of bread.

With that in mind, I thought little personalized pizzas might really appeal to children. Not that they don’t like the larger version, but small is fun. With a Martha White® Pizza Crust Mix, preparing the crust is a breeze and kids will love pressing out the dough to make their own mini pizza.

Once prepared, the dough can be topped with any of their favorite toppings, but how about making little breakfast pizzas? This recipe calls for cooked sausage, cheese, tomatoes and colorful bell peppers. Mixed with an egg and spooned over the crust, it becomes a great breakfast.

You know better than anyone what your kids like to eat, so adapt the recipe to appeal to them. Little Sausage Breakfast Pizzas can be fun to do as a family on the weekend. You can make little pizzas with their favorite toppings for dinner. The whole family will love them!

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