Baking Hack: Heart Cake with Pans You Have

I bake in a small condo kitchen or my houseboat galley and take pride in the fact that I can cook or bake almost anything either place. Storage space seems to be the limiting factor. The key is to stock only pots, pans and utensils that have a variety of uses. I say they must “earn their keep” and I try not to buy “one use” items. For instance, the rack from the broiler pan makes a fine cooling rack and a strainer works just as well as a colander for draining pasta.

I love the idea of making a heart-shaped cake with pans I already have. After all, how often will you use a heart-shaped pan? All you need is one round and one square cake pan. Of course, two 8-inch pans or two-9-inch pans.


You’ll also need a large tray or cake plate. If all else fails, cover a piece of cardboard with foil.  Simply place the square layer on the tray. Cut the round layer in half forming two half circles. Place the cut sides of the half circles touching 2 adjoining sides of the square layer to form a heart shape.  Cover with frosting and decorate as desired.


For your Valentine cake, use one of your favorite cake recipes or try this wonderful Sour Cream Chocolate Sheet Cake recipe.

Do you have any easy baking hacks? If so, I’d love to hear them!

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