Winter Biscuit Shortcake

Several years ago, my friend Mindy (who has graciously written some guest blogs) and I were brainstorming ideas for Martha White® recipes. She had a great idea when she said, “Why do we have to wait for spring strawberries to have shortcake?” I totally agreed, so we came up with some recipes that use seasonal fillings for shortcakes to serve in the winter.

There are many versions of the shortcake itself – the cakey, bready part.  Some folks use cake, but our favorite is made with rich biscuit dough. Using self-rising flour, a little sugar, butter, egg and milk, creates the perfect taste and texture. Similar to scones, these easy, rich biscuit shortcakes hold up to juicy fruit and their slightly salty, buttery flavor is the perfect complement to the fruit’s sweetness.

No need to wait for the seasons to change when there are plenty of options for winter shortcakes. Apple Sausage Shortcakes are perfect for a winter breakfast or brunch. The sweet and savory filling is made with sausage links, sautéed apples and maple syrup. Spooned over a split shortcake, it’s delicious!

You’ll be surprised by the taste of these Apricot Cream Cheese Shortcakes. Dried, cooked apricots and fluffy, sweetened cream cheese in an easy rich Biscuit Shortcake is a great winter option.

Now that you get the idea, you can create your own signature winter biscuit shortcakes all winter long.

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