We Love our Southern Nuts

In the South we love our nuts. We like to eat them raw, roasted and glazed. We like to include them in our favorite pie, cookie, brownie, muffin, pancake, nut bread, and cornbread recipes. I realize that there are those among us who are allergic to nuts (and I’m sorry about that) and others who just don’t like them or just don’t like them in their cookies or breads. But, also know many people who love them!

Many areas of the South have pecan and black walnut trees growing right in our yards. As a child, I remember a hickory nut tree that grew behind our house with nuts and we would gather them off the ground to eat.  Having an abundance of nuts readily available was certainly a blessing to the people who lived off the land. Nuts were typically free for the taking, but the shelling was not always easy, but worth the effort. Those little hickory nuts were hard as rock to crack and the nut was quite small, but tasted delicious.

Easy Blueberry Crisp is a fun little crisp recipe that can be made with a variety of pie filling flavors. This recipe lives up to its name by layering ingredients, including pecans, in a baking dish and not stirring!

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