Cajun-Style Celebrates Food and Friends

I have long been fascinated by the Cajun zest for life. Their love of home, good food shared with friends and rollicking music created one of the most interesting cultures and delicious cuisines in the South.

Cajuns were rugged French settlers who migrated to Acadia in Canada in the 17th Century and eventually on to southern Louisiana. Coming from a rural background, the Acadians – later know as Cajuns – gravitated to the bayous and marshland. Cajuns typically had a love for pork and developed ways to prepare and preserve it by making spicy sausage and cracklins’.

Their cooking method of choice is often a big pot, outside, and over an open fire. The results   usually call for fun, friends and music. Jambalaya, a stew of vegetables and meat like andouille sausage is great example of a delicious one-dish meal made with readily available ingredients.

Inspired by the Cajun classic, Cracklin’ Biscuits contain the delicious crisp pieces of meat remaining after lard has been rendered from pork. These biscuits are perfect for breakfast or with a creamy soup. For a stylish appetizer, cut the biscuits in half, split open and fill with a slice of tomato and lettuce. The result is a delectable Cajun BLT! If you can’t find Cracklins’ for this recipe, you can also use crisp cooked bacon.

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