Tacos or Pizza for Fun Family Supper

How about something fun for supper on Friday or Saturday night? Tacos? Pizza? Making a meal at home as a family can be fun for the kids and they love to help out in the kitchen.  It makes for great family time.

If your bunch loves tacos, here is a fun recipe I’m sure they’ll enjoy. With only six main ingredients, you’ll have this Have-It-Your-Way Taco Pie in the oven in a flash. The easy taco filling is simply ground beef, salsa and chili powder. Let the kids stir up the cornbread crust made with a convenient cornbread mix, egg and milk. Pour in a hot skillet – you may need to help with this – top with the meat mixture and in the oven it goes. The batter rises around the edges and forms a delicious crust.

The “have-it-your-way” part comes with a choice of a variety of toppings. The kids can pick and choose their favorites to top off their piece of the pie.

If pizza is more your style, why not try making one at home? Martha White® Pizza Crust Mixes are quick and easy to mix up with warm water and the kids will love pressing the dough onto the pan. The toppings can be tailored to everyone’s taste. You could even do half and half, if preferences vary. Be sure to check out the great recipe located on the packaging!

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