Lunch Box Fun and Treats

It’s hard to believe summer is over and the kids are back to school. These days, kids seem to be ready to head back to school and look forward to seeing their friends. Although the kids seem excited, there still may be a few jitters, so add some fun and treats to their lunch box to help ease the jitters.

  • Create a laminated lunchbox sticker calendar or book to help countdown the school year.Include a sticker each day. If using a plastic/hard lunchbox, include a sticker each day to decorate the lunchbox.
  • Attach a sticky note to a toothpick. Stick in sandwich or soft treat. 
    • “Have a great day!”
    • “Love you to the moon and back”
  • Include a ‘good behavior’ reward coupon
    • “We love you. Here’s a coupon for one trip to get ice cream”
    • “Thanks for cleaning up your toys. Here’s a coupon for 30 extra TV minutes”
    • “Thanks for helping in the kitchen. We’ll make brownies this afternoon.”
  • Include photos of fun memories with a note.
    • “Remember when we went to the beach?
    • “Your birthday party so was much fun. Can’t wait for your next big day”
    • “You were such a cute baby”

Kids also love treats, so including a special treat is always a welcome lunchbox surprise! My favorite brownie recipe, Double Saucepan Brownies, is quick and easy to make from scratch.Start by melting the butter and chocolate in a saucepan. Then stir in the remaining ingredients.Even if the kids don’t do anything but stir, it will be fun!