Guest Blog Post: On the Road with Rhonda & The Rage

My band and I are on a constant quest for food when we’re on the road.

We’re always on the look-out for incredible restaurants along the way. But one of the most amazing things is that fans and friends actually bring special homemade treats to us – many times “baked right with Martha White®.” One time, when we didn’t have time to stop, one of our favorite restaurants even delivered an incredible meal to the Martha White Bluegrass Express on the interstate!

But I have to say my favorite mealtime on the bus is a home cooked dinner. And that is usually beans and cornbread. Delicious and so easy to fix – even on the bus!

In the morning, I’ll put dry beans and a loaf of ham in the crock pot. When they’re tender and ready to eat, I bake up a package of Martha White Cotton Country Cornbread Mix — my personal favorite. Then I put in a pan of Martha White Sweet Yellow Cornbread Mix for those who prefer “sweet” cornbread. By the time we get out bowls, ketchup and slice an onion, both pans are hot and buttered.

We are truly blessed with great friends, fans and food on the road!