6 Ingredients…or Fewer

Have you ever had to make a special trip to the grocery store to feed unexpected guests, supply food for a school event or merely satisfy the hunger of a child who just can’t wait? These reasons are exactly why we started the “What’s in Your Pantry” series. The goal is to show everyone how keeping a few key ingredients on hand enables you to make something delicious in a pinch.

In addition to everyday baking staples, you’ll be able to make the chocolate chip treats below with the addition of a few ingredients.

All of the recipes below are made with Martha White® Chocolate Chip Flavored Muffin Mix and various baking staples to consist of six ingredients or less.

Kids will love helping an adult create fun-filled waffles, the snack loaf is perfect for adding your own touch of nuts or dried fruit and the cookies taste like they were made from scratch!

Fun Filled Chocolate Dessert Waffles
Fun Filled Chocolate Dessert Waffles










Chocolate Chip Sour Cream Snack Loaf
Chocolate Chip Sour Cream Snack Loaf










Easy Double Chocolate Chip Cookies
Easy Double Chocolate Chip Cookies















What’s in Your Pantry?

Our “What’s in Your Pantry?” series continues with more helpful hints for items to keep on hand making quick and easy recipes a reality. I want to share the delicious bar cookie recipes below  – perfect for a picnic, casual party or a snack.

Add Martha White® Chocolate Chip Muffin Mix to your pantry items and you’re ready to go. Many people stock up on the basics like butter, milk, eggs and sugars – granulated, brown and powdered. But I’m sure many of you also have vanilla extract, peanut butter, chocolate chips, sweetened condensed milk, oats and some nuts. If you’re missing any of these items they should be easy to locate where you buy groceries.

“Sakes Alive” Chocolate Fudge Bars are a chocolate lover’s dream. They feature a buttery chocolate chip and oat topping with a muffin mix crust. The fudgy filling is made with chocolate chips and sweetened condensed milk. This recipe is rich, delicious, and always a hit.

Heavenly Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Bars have a crisp bottom layer made with chocolate chip muffin mix and butter. Spread with a sweet peanut butter mixture and topped with melted chocolate to create a favorite taste combination sure to be a crowd pleaser.

What are you waiting for?  Stock your pantry now and be ready to surprise unexpected guests when you whip up these recipes with ingredients you already have in your home!

What items do you have in your pantry for when you need something in a pinch?

Father’s Day Breakfast Recipe Roundup

It’s been said “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.” This year, think about spending less money and more time by showing your dad, husband, or grandfather how much he means to you.  A hearty, wholesome breakfast may just be what he needs!

My dad never asked for much, but he loved quality time with his family. Instead of eating out, bring the family together in your very own kitchen for a special breakfast. How can his day go wrong when it starts with his two favorite things – family and food?

Below are a few of my dad’s favorite breakfast recipes.  They range from salty to sweet to savory – there’s a taste to please everyone.

Corn Meal Waffles with Sausage Gravy
Classic Corn Meal Waffles with Sausage and Gravy

What’s better than biscuits and gravy? Waffles and gravy! You can change up the flavor by using any of the Martha White® Cornbread Mixes — Sweet Yellow, Buttermilk or Cotton Country.  Which one is your dad’s favorite?

Blueberry French Toast Bread Pudding with Smoky Bacon
Blueberry French Toast Bread Pudding with Smoky Bacon

This recipe combines the perfect balance of salty and sweet. This is a great stand-alone dish and the perfect way to wake up dad.

Sour Cream Chive Biscuits with Country Ham
Sour Cream Chive Biscuits with Country Ham

You can’t have a Southern breakfast without ham and biscuits. The man in your life will be impressed when you create the perfect biscuit.

Mississippi Mud Muffins
Mississippi Mud Muffins

This chocolate masterpiece is for the dad who wakes up with a sweet tooth. These muffins are all about the presentation, so have fun putting your style on the toppings.

Little Martha’s Birthday!

Many people are not aware that Martha White was a real person. Her name and sometimes likeness have appeared on Martha White® products since 1899. Her father, Richard Lindsay, was the owner of Royal Flour Mill right here in Nashville, Tenn., and decided to name his best-selling family flour after his baby daughter Martha White Lindsay. To Mr. Lindsay, this decision signified his dedication to making the best product possible – one that would be good enough for his beloved child.

To continue this tradition of excellence, Martha White continued to introduce products that were both dependable and made baking easier for home cooks. Realizing that many of its Southern consumers were making biscuits and cornbread daily, self-rising flour and corn meal were added to the product line. Leavening (similar to baking powder and soda) and salt were blended into the flour and corn meal. The addition of these simple ingredients in the correct proportions insured good biscuits and cornbread, and simplified the measuring of ingredients for cooks.

Later, convenience mixes were introduced. The first were a line of Southern breads including biscuit, pancake and cornbread mixes called BixMix and FlapStax. Later a variety of fruit muffin mixes became favorites and to this day they carry the name of the baby who inspired her father over 100 years ago.

On May 31st, we celebrate Martha White Lindsay’s birth and give thanks for the line of baking products that have been used by Southern cooks for generations. Happy Birthday, Martha!

Make Fall Muffins with Ingredients Already in Your Pantry

We are continuing our What’s In Your Pantry series for fall baking. I love this idea because it brings back sweet memories of my mother. She was a wonderful Southern cook who could always create a delicious meal, snack or dessert with ingredients she already had on hand. Rather than figuring out what she wanted to cook beforehand, she’d take inventory and cook with what she had.

It’s a great concept because it gives you peace of mind that you can come up with something in a pinch. Of course, you will usually have basic staples on hand. And if you keep a variety of Martha White® Muffin Mixes in your pantry, there are a lot of quick and easy recipes you can make.

Here is our recommendation for fall baking.

Stock up on:

• Martha White Apple Cider Flavored Muffin Mix or Martha White Apple Cinnamon Flavored Muffin Mix
• Apples
• Caramel topping

With these ingredients and a few other kitchen staples, you can whip up Caramel Apple Muffins, perfect for the fall season and a crowd pleaser for any age. Adding a little sour cream and vanilla extract to muffin batter produces a rich flavor that complements the addition of chopped fresh apples. We topped the muffins with a salty caramel glaze made with caramel topping and a sprinkling of chopped salted peanuts.

You can have a batch of these ready in no time, just right for an after school snack or unexpected company.

NEW Blog Series: What’s In Your Pantry?

I’m excited to tell you about some helpful tips to help you in your kitchen. We have a new series called “What’s in Your Pantry?”

We know no matter how good a meal planner and how good a shopper you are, sometimes you need a last-minute dessert, quick after-school snack or a homemade goodie for unexpected company. We want to show you what you need to have in your pantry to make delicious quick-and-easy snacks and desserts.

Now we’re assuming that you’ll have some kitchen basics like sugar, milk, butter and eggs. But it’s always nice to have an assortment of Martha White® Muffin Mixes on hand, too. They’re a convenient shortcut to a number of delicious recipes.

For fall recipes, stock up on this Martha White Apple Cider Flavored Muffin Mix or Apple Cinnamon Flavored Muffin Mix, and have apples and caramel topping on hand. These key ingredients will help you make:

Caramel Apple Muffins
Caramel Apple Muffins
Apple Cider Upside-Down Cupcakes
Apple Cider Upside-Down Cupcakes
Dulce de Leche Swirl Cheesecake
Dulce de Leche Swirl Cheesecake

Check back to see more recipes using fall ingredients from your pantry and check out our video series, too.

And we want to hear how your dishes turn out. Reach out to us on the Martha White Facebook page or tweet us using these hashtags: #SouthernPantry #MarthaWhite

Welcome Back School Days with Pancake Wraps

It’s hard to believe that some schools are already back in session. It seems like we were just talking about getting out for summer. Hopefully you had a wonderful time and were able to enjoy some memorable family moments, especially around the table. Of course, school being back in session doesn’t have to put an end to family meals.

On days when your kids have a lot of after school activities, breakfast may be the best option for spending family time together. With a little planning, preparing the meal can be quick and easy, leaving time to catch up with the family.

For an easy, fun-to-eat breakfast, try Strawberry Banana Pancake Wraps with Chocolate Hazelnut Spread. The wraps are fruit pancakes, which take only minutes to make using muffin mix.

Pancake Wraps

Spread the pancakes with chocolate hazelnut spread (or peanut butter) and wrap around a banana. Delicious! And on those mornings when things don’t go quite as planned, they’re easy to eat on the go!

Pancake Wraps 4

If you’re really strapped for time in the morning, make the pancakes in advance. Separate them with sheets of waxed paper and freeze. When ready to use, microwave each pancake for a few seconds.

Pancake Wraps 5

Sitting down for a family meal doesn’t have to be sacrificed just because school is back in session. Even the briefest mealtime moments can be memorable.

How are you planning on working in family mealtime now that the kids are back in school?