What’s in Your Pantry for Winter?

Do you ever wish you had a quick, warm dessert for supper or to serve unexpected company? You’re in luck, this is exactly what I had in mind when creating the “What’s in Your Pantry?” series. Wouldn’t it be comforting to know you have the ingredients on hand to create a quick and easy recipe anytime?

A warm fruit crisp is just the thing on a cold day. Homey and casual, it’s perfect for a family supper or to serve company. Below are two suggestions for crisp recipes you can whip up at the last minute.


When making these suggestions, I try to keep in mind the ingredients you probably always have on hand. We loosely interpret pantry to include common refrigerated ingredients and those easily kept in the freezer.  For these recipes, I’m assuming you have oats, brown sugar, butter, maybe pecans or other nuts, dried cranberries or raisins, and of course a few packages of Martha White® muffin mix. If so, all you need is a couple of cans of pie filling and frozen fruit.


For the Cherry Berry Crisp, you’ll need a fruit flavored muffin mix. The recipe calls for Wildberry, but a Blueberry flavored mix would also be good.  Use an Apple Cider flavored muffin mix for the Apple Cider Crisp. The recipe calls for dried, fresh or frozen cranberries, but you could also substitute raisins in place of cranberries.


Make Fall Muffins with Ingredients Already in Your Pantry

We are continuing our What’s In Your Pantry series for fall baking. I love this idea because it brings back sweet memories of my mother. She was a wonderful Southern cook who could always create a delicious meal, snack or dessert with ingredients she already had on hand. Rather than figuring out what she wanted to cook beforehand, she’d take inventory and cook with what she had.

It’s a great concept because it gives you peace of mind that you can come up with something in a pinch. Of course, you will usually have basic staples on hand. And if you keep a variety of Martha White® Muffin Mixes in your pantry, there are a lot of quick and easy recipes you can make.

Here is our recommendation for fall baking.

Stock up on:

• Martha White Apple Cider Flavored Muffin Mix or Martha White Apple Cinnamon Flavored Muffin Mix
• Apples
• Caramel topping

With these ingredients and a few other kitchen staples, you can whip up Caramel Apple Muffins, perfect for the fall season and a crowd pleaser for any age. Adding a little sour cream and vanilla extract to muffin batter produces a rich flavor that complements the addition of chopped fresh apples. We topped the muffins with a salty caramel glaze made with caramel topping and a sprinkling of chopped salted peanuts.

You can have a batch of these ready in no time, just right for an after school snack or unexpected company.